1UP Racing 1UP190430

1UP Racing 1UP190430 LowPro Bullet Plug Grips, RedBlack

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Introducing the sexiest way to stop blowing up your speed control, 1up Racing LowPro Bullet Plug Grips!

These slide right on to the 1up 4mm and 5mm LowPro Bullet Plugs to clearly identify the positive and negative power wires. Precision CNC machined aluminum is finished with dark black anodizing and easy-to-read laser etching. The silver outer ring provides excellent grip and an unrivaled look!

Use a couple drops of CA glue to secure these to the bullet plugs once installed!


  • Clearly Identifies + and - power wires
  • Excellent grip, stop pulling the wire to unplug your battery
  • Covers up messy solder joints
  • Compatible with 1up Racing 4mm and 5mm LowPro Bullet Plugs (Sold separately.)