Atlantis Models AANM6818

Atlantis Models AANM6818 167 Scale B-26 Invader Bomber

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167 Scale. This kit comes from the old monogram tooling. Will be molded in silver with clear parts and landing gear. Updated decals and artwork. Skill level 2. Officially licensed with Boeing.

B26 Invader USAF Medium Bomber
During World War II, the B-26 (formerly A-26) was developed by the Douglas Aircraft Company to fill the need for a modern attack plane. It was named the Invader and was the fastest attack bomber of its day. Combining speed, heavy fire-power and bomb capacity, it served well as a straight bomber, nightfighter, skip bomber or as a strafing and attack plane.
This model of the B-26 carried eighteen .50 cal. machine guns and 6 rockets in addition to the regular bomb load within the fuselage. The gun turrets in the fuselage were remotely controlled and were aimed by a gunner using a periscope-like sighting mechanism.
The Invader had a wingspan of 70 feet and was 50 feet 9 inches long. Cruising speed was in the 300 mph class. Power was supplied by two 18 cylinder, double-row Pratt and Whitney radial engines. Normal crew consisted of 3 men.