Estes Rockets EST1617

Estes Rockets EST1617 C5-3 SUPER C ENGINE 3 PACK

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The Estes Super C is back! Reintroducing the Estes C5-3 engine - 50% increase in maximum thrust over a standard C engine and the punch you need to propel those heavier rockets off the pad. The Super C is a great choice for larger birds and for payload rockets, like competition egg-lofters, that need that extra push.


  • SKILL LEVEL: Advanced
  • LENGTH: 2.8 in. (7 cm)
  • DIAMETER: .7 in. (18 mm)
  • EST. WEIGHT: .85 oz. (24.1 g)
  • TOTAL IMPULSE: 10.00 N-sec
  • TIME DELAY: 5 seconds