Estes Rockets EST2198

Estes Rockets EST2198 Blue Origin New Shepard (2)

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Estes is proud to partner with Blue Origin. They are providing a piece of history that inspires kids to dream of a future filled with the wonders of space exploration. While Blue Origin is creating the road to space, Estes rockets give a child the dreams that drive them to carve new paths. The detail on this rocket is so meticulous that even Blue Origin uses this as their desktop model!


  • A Piece of Space Flight History
  • 1:66 Scale Model
  • Ready to fly, no assembly required!
  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Recommended Engines: C5-3, C6-3
  • Specifications:

  • Length: 10.34 in. (26.3 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.78 in. (45.2 mm)
  • Estimated Weight: 4.0 oz. (113.4 g)
  • Recovery: 15 in. (38.1 cm) Parachute
  • Projected MAX Altitude: 400 ft. (122 m) on a C6-3