Estes Rockets EST7295

Estes Rockets EST7295 Orange Bullet Designer Signature Series

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In 1961, Vern Estes designed the first Estes model rocket packaged for sale as a complete kit, the Astron Scout. But before the Astron Scout took flight, a never before seen prototype was created. This prototype, named the Orange Bullet, used metal weights glued to the end of the fin tips to shift the center of gravity (CG) back after the engine popped out at apogee, resulting in the rocket tumbling gently instead of streamlining in nose first.

The Astron Scout, which sold tens of thousands kits over its long lifetime, helped to define the industry and inspired countless young people to pursue technical careers. Every serious model rocketeer will want the Orange Bullet to start their Designer Signature Series collection for their own museum!


  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Specifications:

  • Length: 5.9 in. (15 cm)
  • Diameter: 0.74 in. (19 mm)
  • Estimated Weight: .24 oz.
  • Recovery: Featherweight
  • Recommended Engines: 12A6-2, A8-3
  • Projected Max Altitude: 500 ft. (152 m) on an A8-3 engine