Exotek Racing EXO1919

Exotek Racing EXO1919 Fan Blaster, 40mm Alloy Shroud for EXO1718, EXO1756, EXO1914

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Alloy 40mm Fan Blaster shroud blasts your fans air directly onto your motor for maximum cooling effect, while also acting as a finned heat sink that adds additional cooling.

Importantly, the shroud positions the fan about 12mm away from the motor can to help prevent the motor magnets from impeding the fan motor, and the shrouds lightweight alloy construction insures factory good looks and extra durable quality.

Use the supplied M3x16 screws to attach your 40mm fan to the shroud and then attach the shroud to Exotek Fan Mount #1718 (sold separately).

EXO1756 or EXO1914 (18 motors), or EXO1718 (110 motors) is required, sold separately.