J Concepts JCO2866

J Concepts JCO2866 Aluminum Motor Mount Tube, 4pc

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(Fits - JC Regulator [Shapeways] transmission case and #2864 motor mount cover)

(Regulator transmission case - wide)
(Regulator transmission case - narrow)

The Regulator transmission case has the ability to move the motor for gearing changes and requires the #2866 aluminum motor mount tubes to be longer and work in conjunction with the #2864 motor mount cover. The aluminum motor mount tubes are longer and machined to fit precisely into the 3D printed transmission case and slide inside the motor mount cover. The items are packaged with 4 pieces per package and are anodized black for a great quality look and feel.


  • Machined aluminum, black anodized
  • Longer length to work in conjunction with machined motor cover
  • Four pieces included per package