J Concepts JCO40401221

J Concepts JCO40401221 Animal - Green Compound Pre-Mounted, White Wheels

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One of the best ways to sling the dirt and sand is with the Animal tire by JConcepts. The large height, paddle rear tire is the go-to item for blasting the dunes, cutting through the dust, sand, and dirt while spraying rooster-tails against the competition. The perfect tire for rear of the Losi Mini-B and Mini-T 2.0 is 1:1 inspired to provide best in class looks and performance. The JConcepts carcass has strategically placed upper paddles with a scoop shape to thrust into any patch of terrain and blow right through it. One of the details is the smooth carcass with mock cut-off paddle sections which is a common sight in 1:1 tires.

One of the most important functions of driving in loose dirt is the ability to track the vehicle in a straight-line. The Animal tire is cut from the tooth of all JConcepts performance tires and excel during long straight sections of bashing and flat-out high-speed runs across the RC sand dunes. The tire is built in the durable and grippy green compound which gives support and traction in mixed conditions and is held with an open cell insert for extra cushion during jump landing. As always, everything is backed with JConcepts customer support and racing heritage.


  • Smooth narrow carcass
  • Placed upper paddles with scoop
  • Mocked removed sections for 1:1 appearance
  • Grippy and durable green compound
  • Available as pre-mounted