Kyosho KYO32523G

Kyosho KYO32523G Mini Z 4x4, Jimny Grey

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The Jimny Sierras popularity is earned through a commitment to functionality and performance. This MINI Z 4x4 Readyset accurately recreates the signature features of this very popular compact Japanese 4X4 truck, like the unique square body shape and the bold wheel flares over the generous wheel wells.

Complete chassis with built in electronics.
Factory painted body complete with many fine details
KT- 531P 2.4GHz transmitter
Pinion gear set (10T, 12T,14T, 16T, 18T, 20T)
3 types of motor spacers
Pairing stick

Required: 8 x AAA batteries

Length: 193.0mm
Width: 84.0mm
Height: 90.0mm
Chassis Type: M X 01
Wheelbase: 120.0mm
Tread (F): 72.7mm
Tread (R): 72.7mm
Weight: 242g (excl. battery)
130 class motor
Gear Ratio: 55.44, 46.20, 39.60, 34.65, 30.80, 27.72:1
Tire Diameter (FR): 37.0mm37.0mm
Tire Width (F): 12.0mm
Tire Width (R): 12.0mm
Transmitter : included (KT 531P)
Top speed: approx. 2.7 - 5.4 kmh
Runtime: approx. 60min.


  • KT-531P transmitter features steering trim, throttle trim, steering DR, light flashing speed
  • Incorporates a ladder frame design with steel vertical plates
  • Full ball bearing specifications
  • The factory painted body has so much detail it rivals that of a die cast model
  • Slipper clutch protects the drive system by reducing excessive load applied