Maverick MVK28106

Maverick MVK28106 MTX-249 2.4GHZ 2 channel Ion Transmitter

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The Maverick MTX-249 is the latest generation of controllers from Maverick, and is standard in the Maverick iON car and truck kits!

The MTX-249 is a compact, lightweight pistol style radio with a steering wheel control for realistic driving and a trigger control for intuitive acceleration and braking of your car.

For safety, the MTX-249 uses the latest 2.4GHz radio technology to make the radio signal nearly impervious to signal leakage or interference, and for ultimate peace of mind you can set the MSRS-249 receiverESC to use the failsafe function, useful just in case of a power loss or complete loss of signal.

The MTX-249 radio transmitter features:

Ergonomic pistol grip design
Easy access to dials & switches
No external aerial to bend or break
Lightweight due to compact size and using only 4 AA batteries
Realistic steering wheel
Forward-reverse trigger function
Steering trim dial
Steering dual rate adjustment for ultimate fine-tuning
Steering reverse switch
Bright power LED light
Use with #MV28107 MSRS-249 2 in 1 ReceiverESC