Skydog Kites SKK20401

Skydog Kites SKK20401 Learn to Fly Black

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Sports kites in smaller sizes typically fly at a higher rate of speed and are more difficult to control. Designer Dodd Gross has overcome this design obstacle with the ultimate first time buyer sport kite, the Learn To Fly. The forward speed has been slowed down and the 'oversteer' associated with most smaller Sport kites has been eliminated. The Learn To Fly deep sail profile and durable fiberglass grame allows this kite to be flown by anyone and comes complete with Ready to Fly lines and instructions. This kite is the best 'learn to fly' sports kite on the market today.


  • Dimensions: 48' x 23'
  • Materials: Ripstop Nylon Sail 4mm Fiberglass Frame
  • Skill Level: Novice - Novice
  • Wind Range: 4-18mph
  • Line Set: 25kg20m Braided Polyester on Handles