Tamiya TAM54993

Tamiya TAM54993 TT-02BDF-03 Aluminum Damper Set

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Fit these hi-spec shock dampers to ensure that your buggy can take on seriously tough off-road surfaces! They are refined versions of the tried and tested design in Item 53926 RC DF03 Alum Oil Damper Set (DISCONTINUED), with new designs for the cylinders and cylinder caps.

- Precision aluminum cylinders have a slick coating on their interior for highly efficient motion, superlative shock absorption and responsive drive handling.
- Aluminum spring retainers allow different spring settings.
- Knurled cylinder cap, spring adjuster and O-ring caps reduce the risk of drops when you are working on the dampers.
- Parts are included to kit out one chassis (two each of dedicated front and rear dampers).
- Compatible with TT-02B and DF-03 chassis cars.