As of 11/21/2021 The AJC Speedway has officially been closed and torn down, the Speedway is now under new management and ownership by GT Speedway & Hobbies. Follow them on Facebook for the latest news and updates! 
New location (GT Speedway)
V17 (Final Version!)
[Current Version] V15.5 - awesome high speed & flowing track
V15 - our shortest lived track, we immediately changed to V15.5 after customer input
V14 - Firs time ever with a relocated "Straight"
V13 - Completion of the bridge
V12 - Track was turned into an oval for 1 month
V11.5 - 3 new features and a widened top bridge

V11 - Now the bridge spans the entire back section of the track and has a long stretch underneath! FAST!

V10 - Featuring a 400 sq.ft. expansion and total interior re-design! Big thanks to Tim Shaughness for this one!

V9 - Goodbye wall, hello bridge!

V8 - featuring a high speed 42' wall!

V7 - Last time using the 12ft wall and "Subway Straight"

V6 (First time implementing the "bridge" + 12ft jump!)

V5 "Low and Fast"

V4 - Early Days!

V3 - We've learned a lot since 2019!

V2 - Really early days! Cool but very tight!

V1 circa October 2019 - the strange combination of tight features & confusion. Built and then quickly torn down, V1 never had an official race or practice day on it.