1UP Racing 1UP150406

1UP Racing 1UP150406 Hardened Steel High Performanc Top Shaft, for AE DR10

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Now that you’ve mounted a ridiculously fast motor in your Team Associated DR10, you need a ridiculously good top shaft to keep up. We’ve got you covered with the 1up Racing Hardened Steel High Performance Top Shaft! 1up Racing Top Shafts are precisely machined from premium quality steel boasting excellent impact strength and abrasion resistance once hardened.

Installation is easy, this is a drop-in replacement for the stock aluminum top shaft. Be sure to apply 1up Racing Gold Anti-Wear Grease to the gear to ensure smooth and quiet operation!

Don’t forget to install our Hardened Steel Diff Lockout and Vertical Rear Shock Mounts to ensure your DR10 kills the competition off the line!


  • Weight: .03lbs
  • Dimensions: 3x2x0.5in