Exotek Racing EXO1901

Exotek Racing EXO1901 EXO-SIX.2 7075 Alloy Gear Box Set (1 Box w Sway Bar Mount)

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Machined 7075 alloy gear box for the EXO-SIX.2 chassis conversion.
Provides a solid, tweak free design that is about 8gr lighter than each of the stock plastic TB05 gear boxes. Being 25% percent lighter than stock also means substantially lower center of gravity for improved chassis roll.

Camber mounting points are more inboard for smoother handling when running longer camber link lengths, and more robust to resist breakages as in the stock plastic mounts.

Additional features include;
- Bearing mounted sway bar collar system.
- Precise bearing guides for a much more free drive train versus stock.

- Sold as 1 gear box (2 are required)
- Required also are the EXO-SIX CF Shock Tower set (sold separately)
- Instructions included on how to trim a lexan gear shield (lexan required, screws included)

Requires the EXO-SIX.2 or EXO-SIX conversion (sold separately)

NOT compatible with the EXO-FIVE or stock Tamiya chassis