Hobbywing HWI30402655

Hobbywing HWI30402655 EXRUN 1626 Sensored Motor, 3500KV

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  • Improved top speed Precision response High efficiency with the cool operation
  • When used with the EzRun Mini28 ESC, timing advance can be used to increase top speeds drastically.
  • Zero cogging, consistent torque and excellent low-speed response give an amazing feel and driveability
  • Modular detachable structure, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • Specifications:

  • No-load Current(A): 0.6A
  • Input Voltage: 2S
  • Diameter Length(mm): 16
  • Shaft Diameter Length (mm): 26
  • Applications: 128th Mini
  • Weight: 18g