Hot Racing HRASDMD45M06

Hot Racing HRASDMD45M06 Steel Spur Gear, 45 tooth, for 18 Scale Dromida Vehicles

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Hot Racing optional 45 tooth, 0 .6 Module hardened steel spur gear for the multiple 118 Dromida vehicles. See list below for vehicle compatibility.

- CNC hardened steel construction
- One (1) 45T, 0 .6 Module hardened steel spur gear

- Pitch: 0 .6 Module
- Teeth: 45
- ID: mm
- Face width: mm

- For matching hardened steel pinon gear see Hot Racing part SDMD12M6 and SDMD13M6
- Replaces stock Dromida plastic DIDC1005 Spur Gear 45t
- Known to fit at least:
- 118 Wasteland Buggy 4WD RTR
- 118 Wasteland Truck 4WD RTR
- BX4.18 Buggy 4WD RTR
- BX4.18BL Buggy brushless 4WD RTR
- DB4.18 Desert Buggy 4WD RTR
- DB4.18BL Desert Buggy brushless 4WD RTR
- DT4.18 Desert Truck 4WD RTR
- DT4.18BL Desert Truck brushless 4WD RTR
- MT4.18 Monster Truck 4WD RTR
- MT4.18BL Monster Truck brushless 4WD RTR
- SC4.18 Short Course 4WD RTR
- SC4.18BL Short Course brushless 4WD RTR