J Concepts JCO2800B

J Concepts JCO2800B F2I 18 Buggy Truck Wing, Black

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Drivers routinely search for the ultimate aero package on the 18th off-road scene, and JConcepts is directly on top of the latest trends with the release of the F2I rear wing. F2I relates to Finnisher related items morphing into a 2nd generation and this new wing fits the bill perfectly. Adding the 'I' relates to it being IFMAR competition legal in terms of its side-dams being large enough to comply with rules and procedure on the world-wide racing scene.

Aerodynamics are quite the buzz and the design of the wing is rather traditional with a flat base. Across the width, the 5 individual dividers add straight-line stability and connects the upper and lower deck. Drop louvers on each side split the deck-height, funneling air flow through the core and up to the gurney. The industry first design, featuring a built-in gurney, eliminates the need to add additional pieces, or hardware.

As with all JConcepts injection molded wings, the side dams are recessed for decals. The offset decal plane provides additional strength to this highly impacted area, and removes a slight amount of weight. To make mounting easier, JConcepts has added a handy grid area underneath to help position the wing side to side and fore and aft for the utmost versatility.

The F2I wing debuted at The Dirt Nitro Challenge in Perris, California. The new wing sat on the TQ vehicles of Dakotah Phend (18th E-Buggy and 18th Truck) and on the all-important 18th Nitro buggy TQs vehicle, Seth VanDalen. When the dust settled, it was Ryan Maifield taking the victory in the 18th Truck class making the F2I wing a winner at its first event.


  • JConcepts flat base, split deck design
  • 5 center dividers across wing width
  • Industry first built-in gurney
  • Recessed, IFMAR legal side-dams
  • Light-weight design and materials
  • Molded grid located on the bottom to guide user attachment