J Concepts JCO29951

J Concepts JCO29951 B6.4 Titanium Top Hat Screw Set, Upper, Blue, 70pc

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The 70-piece screw set contains many top hat screws in various sizes as well as anodized flat head screws which are used in several areas throughout the upper side of the build. Additionally, four M2x3mm FHCS are included to mount the electronics plate from the bottom in JConcepts style. The top hat screw, designed during the 2021 racing season went through many tests over the course of time and have made it to famous builds by Spencer Rivkin, Paul Wynn, and Jason Ruona.

The items are separated in bags and labeled for each area on the vehicle along with including the size of each screw. On the B6.4, it is recommended to only use the kit steel M3x18mm SHCS when installing the steering bell-cranks to the front bulkhead. No screw has been included for this due to impact strength and location benefits of using a standard SHCS screw. Using high-quality wrench sets like the JConcepts #2457 or MIP metric hex drivers will prolong the life of screws and make racing life much simpler in the long run.

The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity.


  • Titanium material, JConcepts top hat design
  • Available in burnt blue and stealth black anodizing
  • Silver highlighting throughout the screw
  • Includes flat head screws in matching anodizing color
  • Special M2x3mm FHCS screw included for radio plate