Pit Bull Tires PBTDR9010FMF

Pit Bull Tires PBTDR9010FMF Dirty Richard 1.9 Single Stag Foam Inserts

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Tear Up the Competition with DIRTY RICHARD Single Stage Foams!

Dirty Richard foams are just another example of Pit Bulls commitment to improving RC.

Theyve been working hard on innovating Foams to enhance your RC experience! Over a year of testing to offer you products that they hope you will be eager to talk about and use...over and over and over.

DIRTY RICHARD Single Stage Foams work with all of Pit Bull RC tires and also most other brands.


  • Quality Foam
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Specifications:

  • Outer Diameter: 3.85
  • Rim: 1.9