Protek RC PTK4060

Protek RC PTK4060 Electronic Switch wVoltage Cutoff

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The ProTek RC Electronic Switch is a lightweight and compact MCU controlled digital ONOFF switch for your radio controlled model. With the push of a button this digital electronic switch eliminates the problems with intermittent contact associated with mechanical switches. This ProTek RC Electronic Switch can be easily mounted to the transponder mount of your model or any other suitable location using double-sided tape (optional bottom covers are included).
The ProTek RC Electronic Switch includes a LiPo mode that when selected, will auto-detect low LiPo voltage and will cut-off power from your LiPo battery to prevent over discharging. LiPo mode can be turned off if other safeguards are in place or you are using a NiMH or NiCd battery. The ProTek RC Electronic Switch also monitors the remaining capacity and condition of the battery pack, and indicates the status with the use of LEDs.


  • Digitally MCU Controlled Unit
  • Supports Multiple Battery Types
  • Integrated LiPo Safety Mode
  • LED Battery Status Indication
  • Small and Lightweight Design
  • Additional Bottom Cases Included
  • Specifications:

  • Input Voltage:4-14A
  • Max. Current: 10A
  • Battery Mode: 1. NiHMNiCD; 2. LiPo
  • Low Voltage Protection: 6.2V (LiPo Mode Only)
  • Operational Temperature: 32-122*F (0-50*C)
  • Weight: Approx. 7g