Tamiya TAM18651

Tamiya TAM18651 JR Dancing Divine Doll Mini Racer on MA Chassis

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The Dancing Divine Doll creates a car from the popular Japanese Mini 4WD comic 'Hyper Dash! Yonkuro.' Inspired by the original Dancing Doll, it features a number of breathtaking updates to the design. The model is based upon the midship-aero MA chassis.

The MA (Midship AERO) Chassis has its motor in the center, and features a design which focused upon achieving outstanding aerodynamic performance. It has a gear ratio of 3.5:1, 6 individual rollers, a rear skid bars and other speedy features developed thanks to years of design experience. The single-piece monocoque frame also guarantees that assembling and keeping the car well-maintained is a task that can be performed by beginners and veteran racers alike.


  • he MA Chassis is Olive Gray ABS, while A parts are molded in Purple low-friction POM.
  • The new body, designed by Hiroyuki Takei, comes molded in Red.
  • Comes with all-new metallic stickers with a red and brown theme, plus lilac accents.
  • Large diameter White wheels are paired with Black slick tires.
  • Type 130 double shaft motor is included. The model features a 4:1 gear ratio.
  • Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).