Tamiya TAM47456
Tamiya TAM47456
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Tamiya TAM47456 RC TB-05R Chassis Kit TB-05

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The TB-05R takes the shaft-driven TB-05 PRO chassis and loads it with a bucket-load of Hop-Up Options and even some dedicated parts that make this a seriously fast car!

TB-05 at a glance:
This assembly kit creates an efficient shaft-driven 4WD chassis. Its composite structure with integrated lower deck and side frame sections facilitates a largely symmetrical design for balanced steering. Choose between 2 layouts, with a front motor position for superb stability, or a rear motor for dynamic drive. Steering linkage components are bulkhead-mounted to eliminate the effect of chassis roll. With full ball bearings, universal shafts and gear differential units, the drivetrain is as smooth as silk, as is the ride thanks to TRF dampers. Square-shaped IFMAR regulation battery packs are compatible.

Option Parts Included:
- Carbon Fiber Reinforced Chassis (Hard)* -NEW PART exclusive to this kit!
- Aluminum One-Piece Motor Plate*-NEW PART exclusive to this kit!
- 39mm Lightweight Rear Swing Shafts (53506)
- Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (4mm) (53570)
- 06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (24T) (54771)
- Aluminum Cup Joints for TB-04 Gear Differential Unit (Long & Short) (54543)
- TB-05 Aluminum Servo Mount (54800)
- TB-05 Aluminum Steering Arms (54801)
- TB-05 Aluminum Steering Bridge (54802)
- 3x50mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft (54845)
- TB-03 Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Gear Case) (54098)
- Aluminum Adjustable Suspension Mount (A) (54881)
- Aluminum Adjustable Separate Suspension Mounts (A) (54884)
- TRF419 Suspension Upgrade Set (54886)
- Soft Stabilizer Set (TA07, TB-05) (54979)
- Stabilizer Rod Stopper (53827)
- 46mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shafts 2pcs. (53851)
- TB-05 Carbon Front Damper Stay (for TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers) (54846)
- TB-05 Carbon Rear Damper Stay (for TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers) (54847)
- TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers+ (4pcs.) (42353)
- 110 scale RC chassis assembly kit.
- Dedicated aluminum motor plate has a one-piece design that positions the motor 3mm rearwards for a smoother, more intuitive drive.
- The chassis frame is molded in carbon fiber-reinforced resin for enhanced rigidity.
- TRF420 suspension components ensure that your model has top level handling and superior adaptability.
- High performance TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers come as standard equipment.
- The model comes in a stylish and convenient carry case.
- Requires: Body, motor, tires, RC equipment (transmitter, servo and ESC), battery pack and charger to complete race spec car.