Team Associated ASC71174

Team Associated ASC71174 FT 13mm Shock Pistons, 2mm, 3x1.7

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In stock now! Factory Team adds a new tuning element for RC10B6.4 and RC10B74.2 13mm shocks with new 3-hole pistons. 3-hole pistons change the valving to have softer initial damping and lower pack with three smaller holes. This is traditionally used to make the car have more traction on lower grip, or to slow reaction on high traction surfaces. The team found 3-hole setups to be beneficial on outdoor artificial grass surfaces, as Markus Kaerup used them to win the 2022 4WD Modified European Championships with his 13mm shock-equipped RC10B74.1.


  • Durable CNC-machined Delrin
  • 3-hole design for softer initial damping
  • Available in 1.5 through 1.7 sizes
  • Fits: all 13mm shocks for RC10B6.4, RC10B6.4D, RC10B74.2, RC10B74.2D